Hydraulic products tilter develop 3 June 2022

Hydraulic products tilter

Hydraulic products tilter

Equipment for the tilting of circular products and box culverts (pipes) at 90°C and products with a base at 180°

The hydraulic tilter allows for fast, convenient, and safe handling of any kind of product from a vertical to a horizontal position, with 180° rotation of the product, in the case of tanks with base, through an additional structure rotating on a fifth wheel.

On request, the tilter can be integrated with a hydraulic system for the automatic extraction of the base pallets.

Products that can be produced:

  • All products with any type of section (circular, square, rectangular, etc.). Load from 7 to 32 tons (depending on the models)
  • Safety in the operations
  • Ease and speed of manoeuvring
  • Possibility of working with large products


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