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SINCE 1957
We create innovation to always achieve efficient, reliable, and long-lasting results.

We design with a vision orientated to detail, ad hoc solutions for all your specific needs. We offer cutting-edge technologies capable of meeting all sector needs. 

Every project is unique, which is why we specialise in made-to-measure.
We design solutions conceived ad hoc for your needs according to a clearly defined vision.
We offer cutting-edge technologies able to meet any type of design requirement.


An expert team of highly qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, and in&out research activities for a turnkey solution able to support you even from a logistical standpoint.


The experience of Colle S.p.A. guides the Customer’s workforce in a technical and practical training course on testing, commissioning and using the delivered system according to the best working standards.


Always, at your side. We follow you from the commissioning to the operation of the installations, up to after-sales support.


The Revamping service allows the complete replacement and/or updating of the software, the electrical command board, hydraulic unit and related systems without changing the mechanical parts.

International experience

Our worldwide presence is growing and expanding, from the Far East to the western markets of the United States and Canada. Today, the global presence of Colle S.p.A. allows us to offer the excellence of Made in Italy technology and the best specialised services all over the world, with the right flexibility, adapting to different local needs.

Concrete your future
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