Bimatic develop 20 October 2022



Fully automatic machine for above ground vibration-compaction production, with direct demoulding of products with a height from 2000 mm to 3000 mm.

Fully automatic machine for vibration-compaction production of concrete pipes, with direct demoulding. Bimatic works above the ground and is complete with a soundproofing system; it uses moving core technology, along the entire length of the product, with a head equipped with a rotative spreader for concrete distribution.

Depending on the different models, the machine can manufacture products of diameters from 300 mm to 1600 mm, with a variable height from 2000 mm to 3000 mm, thanks to the mobile plate supporting product, which supports the base pallet at any height, simultaneously guaranteeing the seal on the outer mould. Production can be in single, double, or triple mode with the possibility of carrying out mixed-sized productions.
The machine is equipped with the fast and easy-to-use quick hydraulic mould change system, making fast daily mould changes possible in less than 1.5 hours (in addition, the adjustment of cores, outer moulds, and pressing heads after production change is no longer necessary).

A system is present for managing the precise height of the products within a given tolerance. The concrete feeding is completely automatic: the feeding belts, operated independently, place the concrete on the centre point of each mould, always measuring the correct quantity, in sync with the rotating spreader mounted on the heads of the inner cores: this maximises the filling speed and guarantees the compaction quality while facilitating multiple productions of two or three products of different diameters.

Other features make Bimatic an extremely functional machine, such as the smoothing system for the inner surface of the pipe, the mechanical and electronic adjustment of the vibrators through an inverter, and easy access to the bucket for inspection and cleaning operations.

The system can be integrated with automatic base pallets feeding (carried out at the back) and/or with base pallets cleaning and oiling, insertion of joints, and automatic overhead handling. These opportunities allow further acceleration of the production cycle, reducing the personnel required.

The management and general control of the machine are performed using the Vicom PC system, with machine status and fault control synoptics, with remote assistance modules, and the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0).

Products that can be produced:

  • Circular pipes
  • Flat base circular pipes
  • Not reinforced pipes
  • Pipes reinforced with rigid reinforcements
  • Fibre reinforced pipes
  • Draining pipes
  • Spigot-spigot junction pipes
  • Jacking pipes
  • Products that can be manufactured with any type of joint
  • High output
  • Less personnel required
  • High product quality is guaranteed by the automatic electronic adjustment of vibration (with a vibrator inside the mould) and concrete feeding, with rising core technology and built-in spreader
  • Excellent independent management for mixed-size productions
  • Very fast mould changes (the reduced mould change times allow the mould to be changed on the same day, for a possible 2nd work shift), without needing to adjust the mould after the change
  • Full control of the machine through Vicom PC system, with the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0)


diameter from cm to cm
BIMATIC 30/12030 cm – 120 cmH 200 – 250 – 300 cm
BIMATIC 30/16030 cm – 160 cmH 200 – 250 – 300 cm

Pipe quantity per cycle
MACHINED 300D 400D 500D 600D 700D 800D 900D 1000D 1200D 1400D 1600
BIMATIC 30/120 N222211111
BIMATIC 30/120 T333222111
BIMATIC 30/160 N22221111111
BIMATIC 30/160 T33322211111