A1000 develop 20 October 2022



Fully automatic machine for vibration-compaction production, with direct demoulding of covers and grades with or without base pallets.

Versatile and fully automatic machine for vibration-compaction production, with direct demoulding of concrete risers, grade rings, and manhole covers. Depending on the different models, the machine can manufacture products from d.600 to d.1000 mm., with a variable height from 40 mm up to 500 mm, (single production).
The machine can be equipped with a fast and easy-to-use quick hydraulic mould change system, making fast daily mould changes possible in less than 1.5 hours (in addition, the adjustment of cores, outer moulds, and pressing heads after production change is no longer necessary).

The height variation of the products to be manufactured is hydraulic and managed directly from the control panel.

The concrete feeding is completely automatic: it is managed by the feeding box, fast and precise, which ensures the filling of the mould in just a few seconds.

Other features make the A1000 an extremely functional machine, such as the mechanical and electronic adjustment of the vibrators through an inverter and easy access to the bucket for inspection and cleaning operations.

Fitted with a hydraulic system for the automatic ejection of the products at the end of the cycle and an automatic manipulator, the machine allows storing of freshly demoulded products onto the pallet (even without the base) next to the machine.

The system can be integrated with automatic feeding of the base pallets supporting the products, which will be carried out laterally). This opportunity allows further acceleration of the production cycle, reducing the personnel required.

The management and general control of the machine can be performed using the Vicom PC system, with machine status and fault control synoptics, with remote assistance modules and the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0).

Products that can be produced:

  • Flat cover
  • Grade rings for manholes
  • Manhole rings
  • High output
  • Less personnel required
  • High product quality is guaranteed by the automatic electronic vibration adjustment (with vibrators inside the mould)
  • Very fast mould changes (the reduced mould change times allow the mould to be changed on the same day, for a possible 2nd work shift), without needing to adjust the mould after the change
  • Full control of the machine through Vicom PC system, with the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0)