Our history develop 8 June 2022

Our history

The environment, which preserves
concrete ideas and projects

The Colle Museum, is a space dedicated to the history of the company and the first machines built by the founders, Giuseppe Colle and Vanda Faccini. The environment, which preserves concrete ideas and projects, represents the company’s life journey, the path expressed through experimentation that has always been the company’s real strength.

From the past, in the path of memory, we can project ourselves into the future.
This is the message that the Colle museum wants to give its visitors: pride in the road traveled, a sense of belonging and the ability to live in the present, precisely because it is the result of the past.

Machines, ideas and projects, thus become a driving force to create even more tenaciously. Strong in the social and cultural dimension, to project into a current economic dimension, with participation and sharing.

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