Semi-automatic machine for vibration-compaction production with direct demoulding through overhead cranes of a great variety of concrete products; it is particularly suitable for manufacturing large products. Depending on the different models, the machine can manufacture products of diameters from 300 mm to 3600 mm or up to the size of 3000 mm x 5000 mm if box culverts, with a variable height from 250 mm up to 3000 mm in single production mode (multiple production modes are also available on request) .


Flexibility (a wide range of products can be manufactured; the machine is ideal for the production of both large-size products, owing to its characteristics, and medium-small products, owing to its cost-effectiveness)
High product quality is guaranteed by the automatic electronic adjustment of vibration (with a vibrator inside the mould) and concrete feeding
Very fast inner mould changes (the reduced mould change times allow the mould to be changed on the same day, for a possible 2nd work shift), without needing to adjust the mould after the change
Ease of use and maintenance
The Vicom PC system allows for full control of the machine, with the possibility of remote production management

Technical Characteristics

The machine can be equipped with quick hydraulic change of the internal moulds. A quick and easy-to-use system that makes fast daily mould changes possible in a very short time (in addition, the adjustment of cores and pressing heads after production change is no longer necessary).

Concrete feeding can be manual (with a standard conveyor belt controlled by the operator using a joystick), semi-automatic (with a conveyor belt fitted with a rotating distributor), or automatic (with a conveyor belt fitted with a rotating secondary belt controlled through a PC, with software to feed the mould following the outer perimeter. The latter solution is particularly effective for manufacturing box culverts and special products).

Other features that make Vibrotubi an extremely functional system are the mechanical and electronic adjustment of the vibrators through an inverter and the electronic adjustment of the feeding speed of the conveyor belt (where included).

The management and general control of the machine can, on request, be performed through the Vicom PC system, with machine status and fault control synoptics, and complete with remote assistance modules.

Manufacturable Products

Circular pipes
Flat base circular pipes
Not reinforced pipes
Pipes reinforced with rigid reinforcements
Fibre reinforced pipes
Draining pipes
Spigot-spigot junction pipes
Box culverts and oval pipes
Jacking pipes
Manhole bases
Risers and cones
Monolit cones for manhole
Flat cover
Grade rings for manholes
Pipes with derivations
Manholes for road drainage
Drainage channels
Special products in general, to be manufactured to customer specifications, with any type of joint

Technical Sheet

Vibrotubi PIPES
diameter from cm to cm
max dimensions
max diameter
max diameter
3-chamber tanks septic tanks
max diameter
manhole base tilting system
max diameter
30/120 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 120 cm 100 cm x 100 cm 120 cm 120 cm
30/150 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 150 cm 120 cm x 120 cm 150 cm 150 cm
30/200 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 200 cm 150 cm X 200 cm 200 cm CONCENTRICO 200 cm
30/250 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 250 cm 300 cm X 170 cm 250 cm CONCENTRICO 250 cm
30/300 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 300 cm 400 cm X 220 cm 300 cm CONCENTRICO 300 cm
30/300 M – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 300 cm 400 cm X 250 cm 320 cm CONCENTRICO 320 cm
30/360 – H 200-250-300 30 cm – 360 cm 300 cm X 500 cm 360 cm CONCENTRICO 360 cm


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