Fully automatic radial compression machine for manufacturing circular concrete pipes with any type of joint. Depending on the different models, the machine can manufacture products of diameter from 300 mm to 1600 mm, with a height from 1000 mm up to 4000 mm, in two production modes: single or double mould.


High output
Reduced noise throughout the production cycle
Less personnel required
High product quality is guaranteed by the automatic electronic adjustment of concrete feeding, with rising piston technology, smoothers and compacting rollers, and built-in spreaders
Very fast mould changes (the reduced mould change times allow the mould to be changed on the same day, for a possible 2nd work shift), without needing to adjust the mould after the change
Full control of the machine through Vicom PC system, with the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0)

Technical Characteristics

The machine can be equipped with the fast and easy-to-use quick hydraulic mould change system, making fast daily mould changes possible in record time. Product height control is provided.

Turbomaster uses mobile piston technology, for the entire length of the product, with a rotating terminal (piston) supplied with a spreader for concrete distribution. The piston is electronically controlled and interacts with the concrete feeding system. The compacting rollers rotate in the opposite direction to the smoothers (so that the reinforcements do not undergo twisting); the system ensures the production of high-quality pipes, perfectly smooth and without any imperfections.

The concrete feeding is completely automatic. The feeding belt places the concrete on the centre point of each mould, always measuring the correct quantity: this feature is the determining factor for maximising the filling speed and the compacting quality.

The system can be integrated with automatic handling and storage of the products and automatic cleaning and handling of the base pallets, with the insertion of the joints. These opportunities allow further acceleration of the production cycle, reducing the personnel required. The management and general control of the machine are performed using the Vicom PC system, with machine status and fault control synoptics, with remote assistance modules, and the possibility of remote production management (industry 4.0).

Manufacturable Products

Circular pipes
Flat base circular pipes
Not reinforced pipes
Pipes reinforced with rigid reinforcements
Fibre reinforced pipes
Draining pipes
Spigot-spigot junction pipes
Manhole rings
Products that can be manufactured with any type of joint

Technical Sheet

diameter from cm to cm
TURBOMASTER 30/60 30 cm – 60 cm H 100 – 400 cm
TURBOMASTER 30/125 30 cm – 125 cm H 100 – 400 cm
TURBOMASTER 30/160 30 cm – 160 cm H 100 – 400 cm


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