Automatic overhead base pallets manipulator, complete with pliers and memory for storing the various programmes required.

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Automation of the production preparation phase, reducing the personnel required

Technical Characteristics

MUVIMATIC is the overhead manipulator for the automatic transport of the base pallets along their entire manufacturing path so that they can be reused for subsequent production.

The machine consists of a transferring unit with electronic speed control, complete with pliers with ascent/descent and a runway complete with supports.

In its standard configuration (completely customisable), MUVIMATIC manages the movement of the base pallets for the following stations/operations:

  • Base pallet extraction from dry product
  • Base pallet cleaning (PULYMATIC)
  • joint insertion station (bench)
  • ready-to-use base pallets stacking station
  • direct loading into the machine for subsequent production

Manufacturable Products

Handling of base pallets from a diameter of 300 mm to a diameter of 3000 mm (depending on the various machine models), with any type of joint and shape

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