Box Culvert Wet Cast Moulds For Pipes And Manholes

Formworks and systems for the prefabrication of box culvert products with liquid concrete drying in the mould.


No noise during production
Easy to use
Possibility of using special concretes
Quality of surface finishing
Precision on product size and tolerances
Flexibility in sizes (in the modular version)

Technical Characteristics

The prefabrication of products can be produced with vibration or with self-compacting concrete. The moulds can be made either with fixed dimensions or with a modular system. With this system, the outer mould, the inner core, the base pallet and the pressing ring are modular; therefore, by adding or removing one or more modules, it is possible to obtain products of any size, thickness and height. The outer mould is mechanically openable, while the inner core can be fixed (if with adequate tapering), or hydraulically collapsable (for non-tapered products).

Manufacturable Products

All square or rectangular section products, drying on the mould, with any height, size, and joint

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